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Sponsored or Nominated Work Visas


Employer Nomination Scheme

This is a permanent residence visa for skilled workers. The three streams that are relevant to this subclass are Temporary Residence Transition, Direct Entry and Agreement. You must have been nominated by an approved Australian employer, you must be less than 50 years of age, and you must satisfy English language requirements in addition to meeting the skills and qualifications required for the stream in which you applied.


Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

This is similar to subclass 186, but this is a permanent residence visa for skilled workers that want to work in regional Australia. The streams are the same as in subclass 186. The requirements are also the same, namely you should be less than 50 years of age, you should be nominated by an approved employer for a job in regional Australia, and you must show both stream-specific skills and also English language skills, both written and spoken.


Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional)

If you’re a businessperson and you wish to make investments in Australia, or if you want to own and manage a new or existing business in Australia, this is the subclass for you. There are three streams: business innovation stream, investor stream and significant investor stream. Holding this visa is the first step towards applying for a Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa. You must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect and be nominated by a state or territory government before being invited to apply for this visa.


Skilled Nominated

This visa allows you to live and work in Australia as a permanent resident, provided that you already have been points-tested, you’re a skilled worker, and you’ve been nominated by a state of territory government agency. English language requirements must be met. You should be less than 50 years of age. The application for this visa is through invitation only, received as response to your expression of interest. You should ensure that you achieve the score specified in your invitation letter.


Temporary Work (Skilled)

You must be sponsored by an approved business to e eligible for this visa. It will allow the successful applicant to work in a skilled capacity in Australia within their nominated occupation for a period of up to four years. A business can sponsor someone for this visa if they cannot find an Australian citizen or permanent resident to do the skilled work. You need both the sponsorship of an approved business and also the skills and qualifications necessary to fulfil the requirement.


Skilled Regional

This is a permanent visa for people who have lived and worked in specific areas of regional Australia. If you have lived for at least two years in a specified regional area of Australia, this might just be the visa for you if you want to convert to a permanent resident. You will also have to show evidence of having worked for 12 months or more at full-time capacity in the region of choice. If you hold a Skilled Provisional Regional Visa (subclass 489) or a Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 495), or one of the Bridging Visas, it will add weight to your application.


State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner

This is a permanent residence visa that will allow you to stay in Australia for five years. You will be eligible for this visa if you hold a provisional qualifying visa or are sponsored by state or territory authority.


State/Territory Sponsored Investor

This is a permanent residence visa which will allow you to travel into and out of Australia for five years. You should have held a designated investment of AUD 750,000 in Australia for four years, and you should have been sponsored by a state or territory authority.